This Design is Being Performed on a 2500 Meters Wall

Ahmadvand, the executive deputy of Khazaneh Subway Mural, pointed to seven designs from seven artists on the wall of Khazaneh Subway in Shahid Hamadani Street, and he said: This design is 2500 meters long and it is being done on this wall.

Based on the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, he mentioned that the work will be done by this week, and he said: The designs are being painted by acrylic colors on these walls.

He also emphasized on the fact that the decoration of the designs has been done according to the surrounding space, and he said: This environment is local, and that is why it can be used for walking space.

Based on executive deputy of Khazaneh Subway Mural, the purpose of holding this workshop is to create vitality and dynamism in urban spaces with the help of artists.

Ahmadvand said: We have created the opportunity for the citizens to watch the process of creating an artwork. In this way, artists’ ideas can be performed in the city. 

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