Organizaing Environmental advertisements in Tehran

The CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization pointed to the approved law of Tehran City Council indicating that the right of advertisements belongs to the municipality, and he said: The other institutions advertise in the city and their activities belong to the activities of Beautification Organization.

Barzin Zarghami mentioned the stable income in Beautification Organization has been considered seriously, and he said: 90% of TBO’s income is from advertisements and the way this organization works is different from the other institutions like Voice and Television Organization. We are working to make changes and increase the income in this matter.

He also said: Although the right of advertisements in Tehran belongs to the municipality, other institutions advertise in the city. Therefore, we aim to bring these advertisements under the control and policies of TBO.

According to the CEO of this organization, the advertisements on the buses is supervised by the members of the City Council.

He said: In cultural advertisements in two fields of occasions and messages of citizens’ behaviors, a thinking room has been created to investigate the important issues of the year and plan for them. 

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