Baharestan’s Attention to the Young Artists is Admirable

Based on the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Kaveh Samakbashi, the actor of cinema and television, admired the beautification of the city by visual arts in the Third Annual Event of Baharestan, and he said: The cities need  change  and the presence of art. The events such as Baharestan demonstrates the authorities’ attention to different types of art.

He also said: The citizens feel better when they see beauty at spring time in the city. This shows the positive influence of Baharestan on people.

This actor emphasized on the presence of young artists in Baharestan, and he said: All the experts were young artists before, and when they obtained an opportunity, they could show their abilities. The events such as Baharestan helps  and supports young artists to show their abilities and talents.

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