The Effort of TBO for Solving the Problems of Tehran City

Based on the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Mohammad Haghani, pointed to the implementations of TBO in the recent year and in the third annual event of Baharestan, and he said: I believe that beautifying the city should not be done on occasions. The beautification of Tehran should always be the main concern.

The member of the Fourth Islamic Council of Tehran City mentioned that the existence of traffic in Tehran, is one of the important factors in making this city ugly, and it influences the citizens negatively. He also said: All the elements in a city should be on harmony to make it beautiful. Tehran City should always be considered and its urban design should be based on the rules.

Haghani mentioned that urban design does not exist in Tehran, and he said: The buildings constructed next to each other are not in harmony in this city, therefore, appropriate steps should be taken in this way to solve this problem.

He also said: The unpleasant parts of Tehran city should not be beautified with high costs by the municipality. The municipality should only supervise the projects and it should make decisions based on rules and general policies of the city.

He said: For beautifying Tehran, all the problems should be solved with the help of different organizations, and good designs should be presented for public places during the year.

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