Positive Implementations of Beautification Organization in Norouz

Based on the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Fatemeh Daneshvar pointed to the implementations of of Beautification Organization in the last year, and she said: This organization has done good projects in Tehran. The Beautification Organization held different campaigns and put messages on the billboards of the city in the previous years, which were satisfying to the people.

The member of the Fourth Islamic Council of Tehran said: The more Beautification Organization pays attention to people’s taste, the better it is, especially, when people are not in good economic states and they are not happy.

Daneshvar mentioned bad incidents such as: Kermanshah Earthquake, the crash of the airplane, and sinking of Sanchi Ship in 2017 (1396) , and she said: Last year was a difficult year for people of Iran, therefore, Organization Beautification should do its best to make people happier.

Daneshvar said: In the recent years, people travel more to Tehran. This fact made a more important responsibility for Tehran Beautification Organization. This organization should consider Iranian art in all its projects. Moreover, it should ask people about the projects and do its best to improve the conditions of the city. 

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