Baharestan Annual Event is Getting Improved

Negar Mobarak Zadeh, one of participants of Derakhtestan Section in Baharestan, said: The idea of Derakhtestan began from the first year of Baharestan and it was interesting to me because of my concern for the environment and the trees of the city.

She also said: It is interesting to turn a dead tree into an artwork, which can give a message to the people and beautify the city at the beginning of the new year. As much as an alive tree is attractive, a dead tree, which is turned into an artwork, can also be attractive.

This sculptress said: I participated in Derakhtestan Section for the second time. At the first time, I was the member of sculptors’/sculptresses’ council and we performed the idea of Derakhtestan in Ferdows Garden. The idea of Derakhtestan was developed and improved year by year.

She said: The artists’ ideas became more and more attractive and the ideas improved from visual to conceptual and the environmental messages were also developed.

Mobarak Zadeh said about her artwork this year: The name of my artwork is Salahshour, and it is woven by steel rings and sheets on the stem of a tree. She said: Each year, many trees in the world are being cut for money purposes, or the trees are doomed to dry out because of environmental problems. By wearing an armor to the tree, I wanted to symbolize the tree as a warrior against the enemies and harms around it. I believe that my artwork will be persistent because of the material I used on it.

She said about holding Derakhtestan Section in the future years: This year, all members of this section did well and I think if Derakhtestan Section keeps going this way, it will be improved in the future years.

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