Municipality Should Take Risks for Improving the Citizens’ Visual Literacy

Leila Eslami, an environmental artist in Baharestan event, mentioned that sometimes understanding some artworks might not be easy for the people, but the municipality should not eliminate the presence of these artworks in the city, because they help with improving the citizens’ visual literacy.

She said about her artwork this year: The name of my artwork was “Sedaye Eid” (The Sound of Eid) and it was in volumetric category. In fact, it is a green and old telephone in a big scale, which represents the nostalgia of old phones for the people. In this artwork, we said happy new year with some writing elements. We installed it in Pasdaran Intersection and Dolat Street, and it is decorated with some phrases such as “Happy New Year” and “We Came to Your Home and You Weren’t There”.

This artist, who is experienced in urban and environmental fields, said: People and artists like this artwork. I hope that these events will be continued in futures years and strengthen the connection between people and the artists. Baharestan opened a door to the visual arts for the people, and made them involve in it.

Eslami said: If we have other visual arts workshop in Tehran, it would make Tehran an attractive city. Because Tehran is a gray city and it needs such events.

Baharestan has improved the citizens’ visual literacy and it has recreated Iranian and Islamic elements for them.

Leila Eslami also said: When I work on urban artworks, I try to make them understandable for all types of people. A simple work should also be able to make people think. The artworks should not only be copied and repeated.

She also said: Perhaps some artworks are not familiar for the people and make them confused, but the urban management should take risks to improve their visual literacy and give the artists this opportunity to connect with people. 

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