Somayeh Chegini: “Baharestan” Creates a Happy Space for the People

Somayeh Chegini, the illustrator artist, said about her artwork in Norouz Eggs section in the Third Art Annual Event of Baharestan: Since dog is the symbol of this year, I tried to create a geometric shape of this animal and use simple colors in it.

She said: In this artwork I have used main colors such as red, blue, and yellow so that this artwork can connect with all types of people. Baharestan artworks are for public view, and the basis of this event is to create a happy space for the people. Therefore, I tried to design an artwork which can connect to the public and make them happy.

Chegini also said: The artworks this year was better than the previous years. This year, the artworks were simple to understand and to connect with. It does not mean that the artworks were less artistic, they were made based on rules and principles of art.

She called the people’s reaction to Norouz Eggs in Baharestan as positive, and she said: People liked the color and design of my artwork. It seemed that this artwork reminded them of their childhood drawings. I believe that people could connect with Baharestan well, and I hope that we will have more events like this during the year to create a positive and happy space for the people and to make connection between the artists and the people. 

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