Tehran Should Become the Final Destination of the Tourists

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Tehran Beautification Organization: Mohsen Sarkhou referred to the activities of Beautification Organization regarding the Baharestan environmental advertisements, and he said: Norouz projects of Beautification Organization provides good conditions for urban tourism every year.

He also said: I believe if the projects of Tehran Municipality’s second five-year program, including the construction of walkways, finishes, Beautification Organization can create a pleasant space for the citizens through the works that take place on these walkways.

Sarkho said the atmosphere of calmness should be provided for citizens and he also mentioned that: the beautification of Tehran has a lot of work to do and if Beautification Organization does a thorough study, it can provide a peaceful atmosphere for the city.

He also said: the installed billboards on tall and short buildings need a more detailed planning and Beautification Organization would be able to provide a more beautiful city for citizens by proper actions.

He emphasized: The projects of Beautification Organization have been effective in the process of tourists attraction; although the final destination of most of the tourist is other cities and some are forced to pass Tehran.

He continued: The final destination of some tourists is Tehran and if it can provide the necessary attractions for tourists, it can become one of the popular travel destinations.

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