Authorities Should Give Priority to Citizen Participation in Urban Beautification

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of urban beautification organization, Engineer Moradi pointed to the importance of paying attention to visual beauties in cities, and he said: Creating visual beauty is one of the important points that must be considered in all kinds of art, because the lack of this factor in urban architecture and design leads to lack of communication between buildings and citizens.

He emphasized that since street walls are the first sight of the city, which remain in the minds and memories of the citizens and considering the changes of lifestyles and appearance of new needs, more attention should be paid to their design than before in order to meet the mental and psychological needs of the citizens.

According to Moradi, disturbances and inconsistencies of cities can make urban people more aggressive and irritable in comparison to people who live in environments away from sound and visual pollution. Unfortunately, with a quick look at the state of the architecture of the city over the past few hundred years, we can see the disturbances and inconsistencies in constructions in such a way that irregularity and anonymity wanders in them, and this anonymity in the buildings not only leads to visual disturbances but also has negative effects on citizens’ morale in long term.

He mentioned that beautification should be considered in both private and governmental sections, and he said: It is obvious that beautification is like a puzzle which will be incomplete if a piece is not in its place. Because of this, urban planners and policy makers should consider citizen participation as a priority.

Engineer Moradi mentioned: policy making, planning, designing and implementation guaranteed by authorities should be considered in order to strengthen the culture of beautification between citizens. Moreover, the level of participation of the citizens depends on their level of awareness of their duties; in this regard, the role of the media for educating citizens will be very important.

According to him, it is important to involve citizens in urban projects in order to create a more peaceful environment for them, increase the quality of the projects, and avoid extra costs. 

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