The Citizens Should Share the Profit and Loss of Urban Projects

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Parmis Naraghi said: Besides the events happened in Enghelab Street and the memories that belong to the people from last generation, and the events that happened during our time, these two periods cannot be separated.

Dr. Naraghi emphasized on this fact that the memories of the last and present generation should be seen together, and she said: We cannot use an urban element only to maintain revolution values, the values from both generation should be considered at the same time.

This urban expert said about the type of elements in improvement and rebuilding projects: An academic person does not only consider one side of the matter. When we say what element should be used to maintain the identity of this part of street, it means that the identity is not defined well. For example, when we say we should place an element in the middle of square and place horse next to it, it is very unprofessional. When we talk about identity, which part of identity we want to protect? Which part of this street you want to omit? What identity do you want to maintain?  We should answer to these questions and the purpose should be clear.

Dr. Naraghi mentioned that all streets in Tehan need to be improved, and she said: Even the newer parts such as region 22  need to be improved. The streets of Tehran have been neglected for a long time, and now they look very bad.

She also said: Municipality should increase people’s participation rate and it should let people to decide. The citizens should share the profit and loss of the urban projects.

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