Huge Investments Are Necessary for Urban Improvement

Dr. Seyyed Yaghoub Mousavi, the urban sociologist and the professor of Alzahra University, emphasized on the importance of huge investments in urban improvement and said: Urban space furniture has direct influence on the citizens’ mental health and most of the developed cities in the world invest greatly on visual, cultural, and urban management.

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Mousavi called the role of cities appearance as important in the citizens’ happiness and satisfaction, and he said: There are many factors involved in creating social happiness. Today, the environment and the appearance of the cities is considered as one of the most salient matters effective for the decrease of people’s depression and frustration.

Dr. Mousavi also said: The beauty of our cities presents us peace at home from the daily rush. Therefore, the peace and beauty in the city can be a reason for better family relationships and peace.

The professor of Alzahra University also presented a definition for the 'pleasant city': A pleasant city for living has all the conditions and possibilities of having a happy life. That is why the use of the right materials in the structures, the shapes, and urban graphic are important in designing a city.

This sociologist said: Many types of pollution, such as food, water, air, diet, and social pollutions, threaten Tehran City and make people depressed. Good urban management can create happiness and peace for the citizens with the help of right designs and visual beauties. As mentioned before, famous cities in the world invest greatly in making beautiful cities. This is also happening in Tehran in some projects, such as the beautification of Rey City. We need more projects like this in other parts of Tehran. 

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