Urban Nostalgic Textures Should Be Maintained in Reconstruction Projects

Dr. Amanollah Gharaii Moghadam, the sociologist, social researcher, and the professor of Shahid Beheshti University, emphasized on the maintenance of nostalgic textures in our structures and called it a national and cultural value, which had not been built easily and it cannot be destroyed easily as well. He said: We need to maintain and strengthen these textures so that our young people get familiar with the people from previous generations.

 According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Gharaii said: The traditional textures can be divided into two groups. One group is the textures around Tehran Bazar, which are weak and unsafe, and they should be totally destroyed. But the other group is the nostalgic structures such as Amir Kabir Street, Bargh Intersection, and old houses with historical records representing the past and the traditions of our country, which should be maintained and strengthened in reconstruction projects.

He also said: Due to the growth of population and immigration to the cities, the cities should be developed in high levels to eliminate visual pollution and make the beauties of the city more visible.

Dr. Gharaii said: According to urban sociology, bad structures can be the place for criminals and drug addicted people. Therefore, the cities should be improved in quality not in size.

According to him, making space and beautifying the city is not possible in some parts of Tehran. The old and chaotic structures should be destroyed and turned into towers to make space for making parks and other facilities. However, the nostalgic and traditional houses and structures should be maintained.

This sociologist admired the reconstructions and improvements in Rey City, and he said: Rey City is divided into two parts. First part is the modern part of the city and the second one is the old part, which looks dead and no beauties can be seen in this part. The reconstruction and improvement projects in this city eliminated the chaotic spaces and created parks, boulevards, and shops, however, as we go further toward the eastern part of the city to Varamin, Amin Abad, and Gharchak, the city looks dead and ugly. Imam Ali Highway is beautiful but the southern and northern parts of this highway needs some improvements. 

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