Urban Beautification Should Return Culture and Authenticity to the Cities

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Marefat, the professor of civil engineering faculty of Tehran University, mentioned that imitating western structures increases visual pollution in the cities, and he said: The municipality should make policies about annoying urban architecture and it should prevent urban structures from chaos.

Dr. Marefat called visual pollution as one of the main problems of the cities, and he said: Unfortunately, chaotic structures with western architecture harms the beauty of the city.

He also emphasized on the necessity of designing public places with Iranian and Islamic styles, and he said: The people who walk in the streets should see Iranian and Islamic cultural and traditional traces in their environments and feel calm.

The professor of Tehran University said: The streets should become peaceful places. Urban management did some good projects in the southern areas of the city but they are insignificant. These areas should be improved in a way that they reflect beauty, culture, and human relationships. Improving these areas not only beautifies the city, but also it strengthens the city for earthquakes.

He said: Old structures can totally be improved. For instance, Hamburg Port in Germany was built in 15th century and none of its historical structures is destroyed, but the interior structure is modernized and improved.

In Iran, there are a few places which are rebuilt and improved, such as Iranian Foreign Ministry Building. The entrance space of this building and its historical identity is maintained as it is improved and rebuilt.

Finally, he said: Considering the fact that the budget for rebuilding and beautifying the old structures in Tehran is low, the municipality should prevent from annoying structures and architectures be built and the buildings should also be strengthened for earthquakes. 

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