Call for the Third Annual Event of Tehran Urban Arts, Baharestan 1397 (2018)

The call for the third annual event of Tehran urban arts, Baharestan 1397, is published with the purpose of creating happiness and vitality in the city and also having people’s presence and artists’ participation in this event.

According to public relaitons and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, the third period of Baharestan Event will be held in different ‘Environmental Arts’, ‘Creative Decoration’, 'Derakhtestan', ‘Small Walls of My City’, and ‘Norouz Eggs’ sections.

This event creates opportunities for the artists to present their new ideas and get connected with the citizens. It also advertises Iranian and Islamc culture and traditions at the beginning of spring and new year.

All the artists from different fields, such as visual arts, painting, sculpture, graphic designing, illustrating, and environmental arts,  can participate in Baharestan 1397.

It should be mentioned that the artists can participate in each four sections of this event with 3 artworks at most, of which only one will be selected by the judges in each section.

The artists, who participate in ‘Norouz Eggs’ sections, can only be active in one of the student or professional sections.

Art teams are allowed to participate in Baharestan 1397 if they sign up and then introduce their representative. The legal person in all executive, official, financial, and reward stages will be the representative of the art team.

The final decision about the location of the artwork will be made by the arists, and the artworks will be made after supervisors’ analysis and final agreement.

The nobility of the artwork is very important and if the artwork is proven to be a copy, the artists and his/her artworks will be eliminated from the event, and he/she will no longer be able to participate in any other similar events.

Tehran Beautification Organization has the right to publish and use the images of the artworks in the websites, press conferences, books, and etc.

The judges will select 3 artworks in each section, and the selected artists will be given the annual statue, honor diploma, 5,000,000 rials, and the certificate of their participation. (It should be mentioned that ‘Norouz Eggs’ section is a non-competitive section.)

The artists, who are interested in ‘Environmental Arts’ and ‘Creative Decoration’ sections from February 3 to 10, ‘Derakhtestan’ section from February 3 to 13, ‘Small Walls of My City’ section from February 3 to 15, and ‘Norouz Eggs’ section from February 3 to 17, can send their designs to the secretariat to the following address: Emarat Einodoleh, no. 12, Shahid Jamali Sharghi Street, Shahid Vafamanesh Street, Heravi Square, Pasdaran, Tehran. 

For more information, you can contact us with this telephone number: 0982122969742 ,

and with the extension number of 113 for 'Environmental Arts' and ' Creative Decoration' sections, 112 for 'Derakhtestan' section, 111 for ' Small Walls of My City' section, and 114 for ' Norouz Eggs' section. 

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