Life Attractions Should Be Created in the Old Parts of the Cities

According to public relations and international affairs, Dr. Marefat pointed to the importance of protecting historical textures, and he said: Old structures are not only a series of buildings, they actually depict the cultural and national heritage, the cultural of people’s communication, traditions, and society. If people consider the life conditions in the past, they will find life easier and more comfortable in the old structures. These old structures offer strong family cultural connections, social and moral security, compassion between the neighbors, and the power of religion.

He also said: We should not solely see these structures as weak at the time of earthquakes. The best policy is to use modern facilities and maintain the positive cultural features in these buildings. On the other hand, these old structures are vulnerable and there are limitations in them, which caused people to leave them behind.

Dr. Marefat said: The historical structures should become habitable for people. Wider streets should be made instead of narrow ones in these areas to make them easier for access in the case of emergencies.

He also mentioned that places such as Tehran Bazar, Naser Khosro and Ferdowsi Streets and etc. should maintain their historical texture. However, there are some old structures, which should be destroyed and renovated.

Dr. Marefat also appreciated the efforts of TBO in this field, and said: In my opinion, Tehran Municipality should do greater projects to improve these old parts and make policies to turn them into habitable and more attractive places for the people. 

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