Urban Chaos Increases Unconventional Behaviors

Amir Ali Bahadori, master of urban planning and graduate student of Kharazmi University, emphasized on the fact that urban architecture should eliminate the feeling of anonymity in people, and they should feel their behaviors are under control. He said: Urban chaos increases unconventional behaviors. Therefore, beautifying the city should be considered as a necessity in citizens’ lives.

This urban planner mentioned that there is a relationship between the natural environments and the structure of the cities and society security.

He said: Therefore, the structure of the cities can influence on people’s behaviors. If there is chaos in the architecture of the city, stress and tension will be increased in people’s behaviors.

Bahadori called the beautification of Naser Khosro Street as a necessity in citizens’ lives and he said: When architectural and urban planning projects are not based on people’s social, cultural, and national processes in a city, the citizens will not be in a good mental state, and the delinquent people will have opportunity to show violence and unconventional behaviors.

He also said: Although different experts believe that strengthening the city structures is very important, I believe that beautifying and renovation of the city is also among the first priorities.

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