Supreme Art Council Consists of All Community Representatives

The council of art communities was held with the presence of Dr. Zarghami, the CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi, the cultural deputy and urban manager, and the member of the art communities board of directors.

At the beginning of this meeting Dr. Zarghami said: The actual host of art is the artists and the rest of the people, such as the directors, are only the guests who enter this field. We have held this meeting today to make a close and deep connection with art community.

He also mentioned that it’s the artists’ opinions that play the main role in making the policies for beautifying the city, and he said: In fact, the policies made by Dr. Najafi and according to the artists’ views, will improve the citizens’ quality of life.

Dr. Zarghami said: We begin this way focusing on the citizens as our first prioirity, and I hope that we can do the projects which will cause them to become happy.

In this meeting, Samadian, the representative of photography community of Iran, asked for creating Iran Photo Museum, and he said: This museum can be a valuable source for professional photographers. Making this museum is one of our strong motifs and I hope that Beautification Organization will help us with it.

According to Hassan Ghafourian, another representative of photography community of Iran, said about this museum: This museum can be a great information source for the history of photography, and this place can create opportunities for new collaborations.

Firouzeh’ee, from painting community, said: “A Gallery as Big as a City” was one of the most important projects of this organization, which created trust between the artists and the people.

He also suggested Dr. Zarghami to hold separate meetings for each community to dicuss the matters in details.

Shamsi zadeh, from sculpture community, called the projects in urban spaces far from their best forms. According to him, the Beautification Organization can create opportunities to decide more seriously in sculpture field and use talented and genius people of this field.

He said: The lack of sculptures in Tehran is not like a thing, but it is a thought. Therefore, a core should be formed and the organization should work according to that.

Azhdari, from ceramic community, said: One of the problems in TBO is the lack of unity in opinions.

Asadollahi, from graphic designing community, asked Dr. Zarghami to consider the previous projects for their positive and good aspects.

He said: Most of the ugly graphic parts in the city cannot be covered with murals. All the artists and the Beautification Organization should help to improve them.

Kalhornia, one of the other members of graphic designing community, said: Holding meetings with the presence of the artists from each community will help us to improve art in the city.

At the end of this meeting, Dr. Zarghami thanked all the artists and said: The supreme council of all communities will be held very soon.

He also said: TBO’s activities in art field will be followed seriously and we attempt to improve the conditions for the presence of the artists in the city.

Dr. Zaghami said: We need to use some existing potentials in the city.  

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