Opportunities Have Been Created for the Artists

Mohammad Salarian, the sculptor, emphasized on the opportunities created for the artists, and he said: I was in art and policy making council, and it was the policy there to work on people’s new ideas for the urban spaces.

He said: Fortunately, in the recent years, the sculptors and sculptresses can participate in different symposiums and demonstrate their artworks.

This artist explained about using artworks in the city with the purpose of making a peaceful place for the citizens: I have always considered this fact in my designs. I have an artwork at the entrance of Ab-o-Atash (Water and Fire) Park, which was made for creating peace and good feeling in people. There are many artworks in the city, which are made for this purpose, however, there are also some artworks which cause visual pollution.

He emphasized on this fact that placing the sculptures in Tehran is very difficult and some of them are not in the right place.

Salarian said: I believe that we need to find better locations for our sculptures. Some sculptures should have not been installed in some places, and they have to be removed.

He also said: We can create city memories by creating artworks in different parts of the city and maintain its historical identity.

He mentioned that the problem is the lack of good urban spaces for placing the sculptures, and he said: We did not have a designer, a team, and policy making group, who designed the city. We always face problems with placing the sculptures in the city.

According to this artist, we need to place the sculpture in the city in some ways. we make sculptures and we find places so that we can use them in the urban spaces. 

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