The Beautification Organization Pays Attention to All Aspects of Art

Fakhrodin Kakavand, the artist and the sculptor, pointed to the fact that TBO pays attention to all aspects of art, and he said: None of TBO’s plans should be stopped and it has to continue its way to succeed.

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Fakhrodin Kakavand responded to the question of whether using artworks in the city was able to create a more peaceful space or not: It has been for years that making sculptures was forbidden, and not only Tehran but also the whole country could not have sculptures, however, in the recent years, this art is getting improved. The people will wait for such events when we make many sculptures in the city and work on art and cultural projects.

He said about the place of the artworks in the city: In this field, there are some flaws, which can be neglected since we have just begun working on it. We need to spot the problems and strong points and to see which artworks had better influences on people.

According to this artist, TBO pays attention to all aspects of art, but it needs improvement. It is admirable that TBO is considering everything, and we welcome its efforts positively. 

Last modified on Monday, 26 February 2018 16:50

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