Urban Beautification Causes Positive Behaviors in Citizens

Dr. Haadi Moghadami, social psychologist, emphasized on the fact that beautifying the buildings facades around Enghelab Square, as the center of the city and the most crowded part of Tehran, has reduced the angry behaviors of the citizens. He said: Having a beautiful urban space is not only one of the basic factors of the citizens’ rights, but also it causes positive behaviors in citizens. He also said: The main features of a city from the citizens’ visual aspect has two parts. Some of the activities are being done within the familiar spaces, which is not visible to the citizens, but some other ones, related to the appearance of the city, are visible to the people.

He explained: The buildings facades are like communication bridges between interiors and exterior spaces. The increase of buildings in Tehran with different unprofessional facades has caused visual pollution in the city.

This social psychologist also said: The chaos in designing the facades made the appearance of the city disturbing, which can have bad influences on the citizens’ mental health. The architects and urban managers’ attention to designing the facades, improved the appearance of the city and the citizens’ life quality. 

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