TBO Is a Didactic Organization

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Reza Salehi Amiri, the deputy of social and cultural affairs of Tehran Municipality mentioned in this meeting that Dr. Alizadeh is a cultural, honest, and trustable figure.

He emphasized on the fact that this organization is one of the important cultural sections of the municipality, and he said: This organization is responsible for creating identity for the citizens and it should constantly consider this fact.

Dr. Salehi Amiri mentioned that TBO is a didactic and human-based organization.

Engineer Mahdi Hojjat, the architecture and urban management deputy, mentioned the new decisions of TBO for the future, and its purpose to improve the quality of people’s lives. He also mentioned that great projects should happen in Tehran, and he said: I hope that Mr. Zarghami can take effective steps in this way.

According to the deputy of architecture and urban management, the Beautification Organization of Tehran should focus on bringing the beauty to the citizens’ lives.

Engineer Mojtaba Yazdani, the deputy of urban services and environment, said: TBO should consider creating happiness in urban spaces in its future projects.

He also said: The former mayor did significant projects in Tehran, and we hope that the new one will also make great changes in the city.

Dr. Amin Arefnia, the head of communication and international affairs center of Tehran Municipality, pointed to the fact that Dr. Alizadeh’s cultural view was very influential in the aims of Beautification Organization in the recent years, and he said: Mr. Zarghami has been a member of TBO family and an influential and cultural face, who has been active in cultural managements and Jahad Daneshgahi for three decades, can be very successful in this way.

Dr. Alizadeh, the former CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, presented his thirty-month performance report, and he said: TBO’s income was made independently and it received no credit from the municipality. Moreover, good connections were made between cultural institutions and we could hold 8 periods of sculpture symposiums.  

According to him, in cultural advertisement field, nearly 30 cases of cultural advertisement projects were done, which were related to health, education, and religion subjects. In addition, 300 books were collected and written.

Dr. Alizadeh explained about the elimination of visual pollution in Naser Khosro, Sa’eedi, and Baharestan areas, and Rey City.

Dr. Barzin Zarghami, the CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, pointed to the collaboration of the members of the director board in the future projects, and he said: I hope that I can follow Dr. Najafi’s plans, Tehran Mayor, in beautification field.

According to him, Dr. Zarghami’s friendship with Dr. Alizadeh goes back to their collaboration in Jahad Daneshgahi.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Zarghami was given the title of the CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, and Dr. Alizadeh’s efforts in TBO were appreciated by a letter of appreciation.

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