A Call for Protecting the Nature

Baran Radmanesh

Paulos johansmans is an artist from Lithuania who has created this artwork with granite stone, titled as “Unity”, for the Eighth International Sculpture Symposium of Tehran City.

There are two pieces of granite stone with their specific texture and they are almost intact and in their initial natural state. Also there is a strip of the same stone type, which its top surface is removed and covers the two mentioned pieces of granite stone. This strip seems to have a different and damaged texture because of its removed layer.

Two different interpretations can be made from this artwork. One of the interpretations is formed by considering the title of this artwork “unity” and based on this interpretation the strip has covered two pieces of stone to play a protective role for them.

Considering that two stones in the middle are intact and they are part of the nature, it seems that the artist wanted to send a message for saving the nature to the audience. In fact, the artist has created a symbolic sculpture in order to protect the nature.

Paulos Johansmans has used granite stone for the artwork, which is one the hardest stones in nature and diamond is said to be the hardest material of nature after granite. Therefore, if granite is the symbol of hardness, resistance, and durability in nature, the artist has used it in the middle of his artwork and also he used a protective strip around it to probably remind his audience that nature has suffered enough from humankind and just the hardest material of nature has survived, and also that it is time to protect the rest of the nature.

A similar interpretation can be reached from another point of view. The creator of this artwork has left the middle pieces of this artwork untouched and has used the granite stone, which has unique beauty in terms of texture and color among stones. By using a wide stipe around these pieces and rubbing the upper layer off, the artist harmed this layer in a beautiful way. Perhaps, this artist wanted to show the result of the human’s effect on the nature by putting two special stones next to each other.

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