Displaying Hafez' Poetry in the City Is Pleasant

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Esmaeel Amini, the poet and researcher, expressed his satisfaction from seeing Hafez’ poetry displayed in Tehran City, and he said: For sure this implementation will influence the citizens’ understanding of visual beauty, because the calligraphy of Farsi poetry is attractive and eye-catching to the people.

This outstanding poet and researcher said: Displaying these poems will make the younger generation curious to look for the roots and sources of them. Therefore, it will positively effect on their level of studying.

Amini Said: I hope that in future projects, the younger poets’ poetry will be also displayed, because it will develop the culture and literature of the country.

He emphasized on the correctness of the words and said: It is necessary to look for the main sources of these poem so that we will not make lexical mistakes.

The writer of ‘The Court Clown and Poet” book, called the place of displaying these poems as important, and he said: It is essential that we put enough time on selecting a good place for the poems. For instance, a poem appropriate for the parks is not appropriate for the city center, therefore, the related authorities should be careful enough about the selection of the poems and their place of displaying.

Amini also said: The literary experts and famous people’s opinions should also be asked. I thank the people who did this project in the city, and I am grateful for that because it is very pleasant and adorable to literature lovers. 

Last modified on Monday, 26 February 2018 16:51

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