I Hope That the Projects Like Yalda Night Will Be Continued

Mohammad Azarm, the poet and literary critic, mentioned that Yalda Night is the night of the sun’s birth, and he said: In the old days, the people settled in the hillside waiting for the sunrise, or saying prayers to God for the victory of the sun over demon.

According to him, these prayers changed into saying poetry over time, and because the people were familiar with Hafez’ poetry, a close connection formed between Yalda Night and Hafez’ poetry.

The poet of “The Alphabet of the Secret” mentioned that in Hafez’ poetry, Yalda Night is mentioned metaphorically for several times.  He said: If these poems be read out in Yalda Night, they will find new meanings.

Azarm called the displaying of traditional Iranian poetry in the city as a valuable implementation, and he said: This is a cultural and positive implementation, therefore, I hope that this will be continued and advertised. These types of projects are valuable but they are mostly symbolic and for rememberance.

This poet said about the influence of this project on teenagers: These poems might attract the teenager and they might get interested in studying literature.

Azarm called Yalda Night as a good opportunity for attracting the tourists, and he said: Yalda Night should be respected and celebrated in a way that it will be seen as a national celebration and attract tourists from other countries. In fact, we should plan for the celebration and the tourists will plan to travel to Iran to see this event.

He emphasized: We should remember that if we make Yalda Night into a great event, the tourists will advertise and introduce our traditional culture to the world.

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