Yalda Night Projects Were the Response to People’s Need for Happiness

Mohammad Hashem Akbariani, the experienced journalist and critic, called displaying the poems of tradicational poets in the city as positive, and he said: Displaying traditional poetry by the poets such as Hafez, was very impressive and eye-catching, because Yalda Night has roots in people’s traditional culture.

He expressed that the people’s need for happiness is essential more than any other time, and he said: Our society is sad because of the existing problems, therefore, by celebrating nights, such as Yalda Night, is a need for them, which should be considered by the governors.

This journalist emphasized on government institutions connection with people, and he said: If the government institutions have a better connection with people, they will be more acceptable by them. That is why, the institutions like municipality should understand the citizens so that the people from different classes of the society feel closer to them.

Akbariani said: Unfortunately, the problems such as air pollution and traffic in Tehran made people sad in a way that they cannot enjoy and notice such beautiful implementations by the municipality. 

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