The Purpose Is the Quality Improvement of the Street and Attracting the Tourists

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, engineer Hadiseh Asgari pointed to the serious implementations of this project, and she said: The walls of the building were 40 fonts improved in two eastern and western sides, which included the historical buildings. In this area, 8 structures were registered and the improvement of the walls of these 8 structures were done differently. The Beautification Organization is working on these structures and it is paying enough attention to the details of them.

This architect emphasized: Most of the historical structures belonged to Safavid and Qajar eras. Naser Khosro is the first historical and modern street in Tehran, and the ugly and inappropriate shop boards, the occupied balconies, the shades, boards, and  extra aspects were improved in Naser Khosro are the reasons for beautifying this area.

She said about the Beautification Organization activities: What we did in Naser Khosro Street was improving the walls, eliminating the inappropriate things, washing the buildings, changing the shades, building boards, adding plaster and brick ornaments, reviving the balconies, changing the doors and windows, improving the roofs and etc.

Asgari called the quality improvement and creating a better view for the tourists as the main purpose of beatifying Naser Khosro Street, and he said: Making the streets into a more pleasant place for the people and attract the tourists and eliminate the chaos in the buildings were considered in this process.

This engineer pointed to the influence of old textures in the city on the citizens, and she said: Currently, in this area there were some abandoned buildings, which attempted to change their functions and create better places for the people and the tourists. 

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