The Selected Building Is in Harmony with Sohrab Sepehri’s Artwork

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Ali Davtalab called painting murals in the city as positive for increasing the citizens’ feeling of happiness, and he said: Since Tehran is a crowded and grey city, the murals can definitely increase the citizens’ motivation and hope level.

He explained about Sohrab Sepehri’s artwork painted as mural: The tree trunks, as one of the important aspects of Sohrab Sepehri’s paintings, were selected to be painted as a mural on a building in Valiasr Street.

This artist said: Since the selected building had brick façade, we worked on its infrastructure and then we used acrylic color in this mural. We spent one month working on this famous artwork by Sohrab Sepehri and it turned out to be 14 in 20 meters.

He said about the problems of doing this project: Due to the fact that this artwork is well-known to all people, we needed to be extra careful about the details as it was difficult to work it on a bigger scale, which was a building.

This artist called the people’s reaction to murals as positive, and he said: I have seen people reacting positively to murals several times, because they follow the changes happening in the city. That is why I believe that we need to be careful enough about the choice of the place and the type of the painting.

Davtalab said: Sohrab Sepehri’s artwok was painted on a building which was in harmony because of the color and its painting style. Therefore, I think it turned out peaceful and beautiful. During painting this mural, I saw people standing for hours and watching us working, which made me very happy, because it demonstrated the importance of art in their lives.

He also said: In my opinion, a few people are attracted to abstract works, therefore, it might be better to ask people and artists’ opinions before selecting a design.

According to this report, Sohrab Sepehri’s artwork is painted in Valiasr Street, after Saa’ee Park by Ali Davtalab. 

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