The Improvement of People’s Connection with Art Is the Result of Mural Biennial of Tehran

Nazaning Khosronia, the participant of the fourth biennial mural in Tehran, called this event as the main factor for improving the people’s connection with art.

She said: Considering the fact that in our society the people do not have much interaction with artistic and visual spaces, Mural Biennial of Tehran can increase their connection and knowledge in this field.

She also said: Certainly, the presence of outstanding murals all over the city as big as the city walls invite color and happiness to people’s lives. Therefore, it can be said that this biennial brings hope to their lives; especially this year that the artworks were very good.

In this artist’s opinion, the level of this year mural was better than the previous years, and she said: Unlike previous periods, which were mostly based on illustration, this year most of the works were paintings. That is why I think we are witnessing better artworks this year.

Khosronia explained about her own artwork this year: “Nilgoon” is the name of my artwork in this biennial, and I have tried to decorate the suggested wall with more colors to change it from its soulless form.

She also said: I mostly focused on abstract forms in this artwork.

This artist called the feeling of liveliness and happiness as the results of the artworks of this biennial, and she said: I believe that most of the artworks this year represent hope and happiness to the society. I have used the sense of suspension in my artwork and I think this artwork has hope and liveliness within itself.

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