Murals Aim for the People’s Minds

Sarah Saadat Fard mentioned that the artwork she presented in this biennial was based on the nature, and she paid attention to nature and its foundation. She also said: In this mural, I wanted to demonstrate heaven in a modern form, therefore, I have used modern plants which represent growth to the people.

This graduated student of art explained that this mural is supposed to be painted in north side of Ghazvin Street, Azari Three ways, and she said: In this mural, flowers and pine trees are repeated. I have used blue color, the representative of peace, green color, for more beauty, and I have not used warm colors to prevent giving the feeling of tension to people.

She mentioned that the murals in the city involve people’s minds, and she said: The Beautification Organization not only encouraged experts but also the younger people to work on these murals.

Saadat Fard said: TBO eliminated the role of dealers by holding the mural biennial and it has attempted to encourage young and unexperienced people to work on this field too.

She called the TBO’s implementation as hopeful since she can work on projects related to her study field.

She said: I hope that all selected designs will be painted on the murals, because it is so artistic. 

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