In My Artwork, I Wanted to Show That Arrogance Is the Great Idol of Life

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Sarallah Farrokh, graduated student of graphic design, mentioned the holding of Ashoura campaign in Tehran by TBO, and he said: In this workshop, I worked on two subjects, which one of them was 'Resistance Against Cruelty' and the other one was the 'Great Idol'.

He expressed that arrogance is the great idol of life, and that is why he finished his second artwork  with the motto of ‘Break the Great Idol’, and he said: In this image I displayed the word ‘self’ (Khod in Farsi), which is worshiped by so many people.

He explained about his artwork on the subject of resistance: In this image, I demonstrated that gaining rights needs efforts and that is why we should resist against cruelty.

According to this artist, a follower of Imam Hossein should stay in his way. Therefore, I designed Imam Hossein and Hazrat Abbas’ flags from below as the pole is shot but they are still standing upright.

Farrokh mentioned that in this artwork, he displayed a person who is shooting toward you and it is a metaphor for the things happening around us. He also said: My idea came from resistance and I have tried to make an epic atmosphere in this artwork.

He emphasized on the fact that he made his artwork closer to Moharam Days atmosphere to transfer good messages, and he said: Holding Ashora campaign by TBO was very good, and this organization kindly did its best to create a peaceful place for the artists in their trip to Karbala to create good ideas. 

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