The More Urban Spaces Are Beautiful, the Lower People’s Stress Level Is

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Asgharnezhad mentioned that stress and mental pressure have always been there in our lives, but urban life increased the amount of them. He said: Stress is an excessive emotional and mental pressure. In fact, the stress appears when we cannot deal with smaller problems. Stress can not only affect our body functions and behaviors, but also it can affect our beauty and appearance. It can be said that stress is the main disaster of the modern life.

He also said: A person who lives in a big city, he constantly faces negative stresses, and it is possible to become sick because of them. Although living in big cities has many advantages, it has disadvantages such as stresses. In the cities, there are many exciting and entertaining places which attracts many people. However, living in the cities is stressful, and people who live in big cities, experience isolation and loneliness more than the others.

This psychiatrist pointed to the security and insecurity the appearance of the city creates, and mentioned the fact that the more the city becomes beautiful, the lower the people’s stress level is.  He also said: There are some details in the city which form a good shape in people’s minds and make them feel safe. In fact, urban designers need to decrease visual pollution and present valuable experiences to people in the city so that they can connect well to the outside world.

Dr. Asgharnezhad pointed to the main complications of stress on people’s minds, and he said: As mentioned before, urban life has its own types of stress. When these stresses combine together, a kind of tiredness, weariness, and weakness can be seen in people, which influence all their senses, such as hearing, seeing, and smelling, and make them react against the ugliness and chaos in the city.

This university professor called the beautification of the cities as one of the most salient solutions to reduce the citizens’ stress level, and he said: The authorities should look for ways to eliminate stress from urban environments, because stress can be removed with the help of improving, beautifying, and organizing the city appearance, just like Naser Khosro and Enghelab Square projects done in Tehran Municipality. Therefore, the access to green places, the reduction of visual pollution, and beautifying old places can be useful for the reduction of stress and depression. In 2015, a study was published about risk management and health policy, which indicated the relationship between green places and their health benefits in increasing physical activities, the reduction of stress level, and improvement of social connections. According to the researchers of this study, creating green places in the cities can reduce violence, crime, and stress. 

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