Urban Beautification Is One of the Main Social Happiness Components

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Ghabiti mentioned that visual disturbance is one of the main mental effects of visual pollution in the cities. She said: Organizing and beautifying the living environment is each person’s mental need, otherwise, a kind of visual pollution, disorder, ugliness, lack of harmony between the colors, and using cold and rough colors in the cities can create mental negative influences on the citizens.

She also said: People understand the appearance of the city and they have a direct relationship with it. Therefore, urban designers need to pay attention to visual aspects and do not forget about the mental images received from the environment and affecting people’s lives in long term.

According to this sociologist, visual order forms a mental image in the people and increases the identity, safety, joy, understanding, and love of the city in them. This sense of belonging improves their relationship with the city. The citizens form a stronger mental image with the help of a successful urban design, and this image enables people to interact more effectively with the environment.

Dr. Ghabiti emphasized: In some metropolises of our country, some structures are built, which indulge people with their beauty, but the architectural beauty of these structures cannot make the city look beautiful on its own. In fact, sometimes an architectural victory is considered as an urban failure. The main point is that the urban managers do not want to make visual chaos in the city, and most of the existing inconsistencies can only be solved by organizing the city elements.

This university professor said: As mentioned before, the presence of some colors have mental influence on people’s emotional and mental states. When a person feels sad, he/she sees everything dark; just like when grey color is covering everything around him/her. When we are happy, we prefer to choose bright colors and they make us happier. Being in places such as painting galleries, great shops, parks, recreational centers, and nature, unconsciously creates a feeling of happiness in people, and this feeling can be seen in every aspect of his/her life. In this way, people’s some mental problems can be improved.

In the end, Dr. Ghabiti evaluated Tehran Municipality’s projects such as “Enghelab Square”, “Naser Khosro”, and “Valiasr Square” as positive, and she said: Fortunately, during the recent years, Tehran Urban management paid attention to beautifying the city. The projects such as Naser Khosro demonstrates that beautifying the city has turned into a concern, therefore, psychologists, consultants, and sociologists should be employed to prevent from visual pollution in these projects and to create social happiness. 

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