Urban Beautification Increases the Citizens’ Mental Happiness

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Taghizadeh emphasized on the fact that the mental influence of urban structures and architecture on the citizens cannot be neglected, and he said: The inefficiencies and dysfunctions of old urban  structures on one hand, and social inequalities and people living in slums on the other hand are the sad social matters, which challenge the social health and urban management. Therefore, the effects of behavioral, cultural, and social anomalies on the social health are everybody’s concern now, which should be considered by the authorities.

She also said: Unfortunately, the slums and ugly places around the city and the disorder and chaos in   the old structures of the cities endangers the sustainable development. Therefore, improving and organizing the slums and renewing the old structures in the city will not only promote the quality level and access to social, cultural, and economic facilities and health among many citizens, but also it will bring and guarantee peace and security to the other citizens.

This psychologist also called the decrease of differences between the classes as one of the other positive effects of urban management, and he said: The tangible and basic similarities and differences of the old structures with slum places, turning the threats into opportunities and improving the citizens’ mental health and security are the points, which will be considered by rebuilding the old structure and paying attention to urban beautification.

Dr. Taghizadeh said: Feeling happiness is one of the most important factors, which demonstrates the level of people’s satisfaction of life. In fact, happiness is mostly considered as the final purpose in people’s lives, which can be defined as a factor that people evaluate their lives with.

According to her, when the citizens’ living environment give this feeling to people, most of the aggressive behaviors, stress, violence, and arguments in them will be prevented.

This psychologist said: As the urban environment becomes more peaceful and beautiful, the dynamics and growth of mental health increases. Although there are several factors involved in creating happiness among the people, the beautification of the city alongside with individual and social factors such as economic, social, cultural, environmental states, and the education and career satisfaction level, different types of personalities, marriage satisfaction and dissatisfaction, spending free time, and genetic and mental health factors are the most salient factors in women and girls’ happiness level in the society.

Dr. Taghizadeh called the urban structure of Tehran city, as one of the special urban structures, and he said: The metamorphosis of Tehran architecture from the traditional to the modern form has been begun since Naser al-Din Shah era, and it has changed the appearance of the city in Pahlavi era, when the modern life was spread out of royal court into the city. That is why this city has many historical and traditional features that need to be fundamentally improved and beautified.

This psychologist mentioned that Tehran Municipality projects such as Naser Khosro and Enghelab Square are admirable. He also said: Fortunately, TBO implemented many projects to maintain urban identity and to improve people’s culture and life quality. We hope to see a beautiful city in the future, which is a necessity for the citizens now. 

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