The visual pollution is the reason of the reduction of work productivity among Tehran citizens

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Taqipour mentioned that anything unbeautiful is called visual pollution, and she said: The city is a place which provides a beautiful, calm, and peaceful environment for its citizens by having all normal qualities of life. According to her, the citizens of a city have the right to have a beautiful, quiet, and pollution-free environment and to have access to modern facilities. This process is not possible without a comprehensive plan for the design of the urban environment and appropriate usage of expressive, scenic and functional elements in the city.

Dr. Taqipour mentioned that when the visual pollution is discussed in urban spaces, all urban elements placed in public spaces and passages are included in this debate. She said: Urban advertisements and banners with different concepts, which are placed in sidewalks, on top of the shops, and parts of the buildings, are part of these elements which are placed without order and they cause one of the most important aspects of visual pollution in the city.

This social psychologist pointed to the fact that most of the metropolises in the country are not visually beautiful, and she said: There are ugly buildings next to the streets full of people and vehicles. The cities like Tehran, which are visually chaotic and their color, trees, and plants need to be reorganized, should be changed to restore peace to the citizens. Although this matter is being considered by the urban management of Tehran City, like in Naser Khosro project, but it is necessary to invest more than before in this field.

According to this social psychologist, visual pollution influences the inner position of the city and the citizens’ health, and most of the arguments happening in the city, alongside with economic problems, are the results of the noises and visual pollution. This matter will make the people mentally ill and disturbed.

Dr. Taqipour said about the visual pollution in Tehran: The noises and visual pollution in Tehran is because of the reason of the reduction of the work productivity among the citizens. In other words, most of the arguments happening in this city are the result of the noises and visual pollutions.

This psychologist emphasized on the necessity of the citizens’ participation in the elimination of visual pollution in the cities, and she said: In order to have a city free of visual pollution and noises, in addition to comprehensive plans with the purpose of supervising the advertisements and urban architecture and also the omission of extra urban elements, the citizens should be educated. If the citizens do not want to cooperate in this field for any reasons, we can never experience the modern city life.

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