Paying attention to Research Issue Was One of the Most Important Approaches of the Mural Biennial

     Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi, the secretary of the Fourth Mural Biennial of Tehran City, in the closing ceremony of this event, mentioned that this biennial changed urban arts and has an influence on the people, therefore, it should be celebrated. He also said: If we look back at the previous mural biennials, we can see the progress made in the artworks and the artists.

     He said: Undoubtedly, in mural field there are lots of opportunities and that is the reason for seeing many artists participating in this field.

Mousavi mentioned that the artists should participate more seriously in urban arts fields, and he said: Mural painting in Tehran City is an old art, but it was necessary in the 80s that a new wave to happen and become a model for the other cities in the country.

     The secretary of the mural biennial said: It was important to pay attention to mural painting professionally, therefore, we needed to study this event more closely and set our steps for making progress in the future.

According to Mousavi, this event and the projects in mural field had great results. He also said: One of the good aspects of this biennial was the artists who thought they did not have a good opportunity to show their art, but in this event they directly represented their art. In this biennial, the illustrators and graphic designers could work beside painters and create great murals.

     Mousavi pointed to the fact that in Norouz Eggs Festival, there were many professional artists and graphic designers, but it happened for the first time in mural field. He said: We should seek new ways to draw the visual arts artists’ attention and work with them. There are some artists who did not work in urban arts fields yet, but they have lots of interesting and acceptable ideas.

     The secretary of this biennial pointed to the fact that the Fourth Mural Biennial of Tehran City ended last month, and he said: This biennial consisted of designing and creating the artworks and research sections.

     He also said: We should not neglect university analysis and studies, therefore we worked on researching projects appropriate with urban needs.

Mousavi said: In this biennial, there were more than 500 people in design section and more than 30 people in research section. We selected 95 and 24 people in design and research sections, respectively. All the artists in this biennial did group work to create better artworks.

     He also added: One of the biennial policies was to not work on white walls of the city, because there were old walls, which needed to be repaired and beautified.

     Mousavi said: Baharestan Event was held last year in March and this year in April. In this event, the policy making council and the secretariat members and friends collaborated together in TBO. More than 800 artists in different sections created their artworks.

     According to Mousavi, Baharestan was held in different fields of urban arts such as: sculpture and decoration, mural painting, Norouz Eggs, and Derakhtestan. He also said: In Derakhtestan Festival, we worked on dried plane trees in Valiasr Street, which had a nostalgic aspect. 

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