Urban Beautification Should Maintain the History and Identity of the City

     According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Falahi said: In each corrective and decorative project in the city, such as Tehran or any other big cities, from installing a banner to making a bus station and other details or building walls, the crisis management and “mental and visual” issues should be considered.

     He pointed to the fact that this will not happen unless the urban management supervisors, architects, sociologists, and environmental experts’ comments be used, and he said: Before beautifying anything, the experts’ opinions should be considered. When the old places have historical and traditional identity, the beautification should maintain the historical identity of that place.

     According to this university professor, before repairing or rebuilding these structures, we should study them and redesign them based on their historical identity.

     Dr. Falahi emphasized on making decisions about the urban spaces with the presence of the experts and supervisors, and he said: Urban beautification is a necessity today, and the cities should be pleasant and eye-catching in order to prevent visual pollution. However, if we do not pay attentions to the crisis issues of the structure and the people who live around these places, the beautification will be worthless.

     He mentioned that in such projects, we should have a hardware and software point of view. The hardware will be structure and the technical issues, which is to stabilize things and make sure that they do not fall apart, and the software is the people who live in these places and they should know that where the safe point of the place is and the best way to evacuate the building. If we do not consider these points, the beautification will cause harm to the people living there.

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