The Main Program of Beautification Organization Should Belong to Pedestrians

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Hossein Imani Jajarmi pointed to the fact that the urban elements and identity components of Tehran City should be historical and cultural. He also said: The urban management team should have a clear knowledge of identity, history, and the place of Tehran, which means we should know what elements of this city are. We should do a project in a way that when people come to these places, they feel like being in a special place which has an independent definition. A modern global space is not like all other spaces, because as you know, we have spaces without identities, which means the development of all new cities look like each other. It is very important that the identity and elements components of Tehran, which should be mostly historical and cultural, be determined, and then we work on the streets and other places.

He also said: We should consider the history of Enghelab and Shah Reza Street, for instance, we know that a part of it was a ditch in Tehran, therefore, we can get inspired by historical and Naseri Tehran, as the first modernizations happened in these streets, such as Tehran University, New Lalehzar, Laleh Hotel, which was built by Vartan, and it has the second historical layer.

This urban sociologist said: Enghelab Street has a role in Mordad 28 and revolution events, and most of the demonstrations and street fights happened in this street, which is considered as the third historical later. If we study before beautifying, we can decide about which components and elements to use.

Imani Jajarmi mentioned the importance of planning for Enghelab Street economy, and he said: One of the significant part of Enghelab Street is business, therefore we need to have a right decision for the economy of this street to make it attractive for the people so that they stop by and watch everything.

He made a criticism about the beautification of Tehran City, and he said: What Beautification Organization do is mostly for the people who drive, while it can also be for the pedestrians.

Imani Jajarmi said: In developed cities, I saw some parts of streets beautified for the drivers while most of them were beautified for pedestrians to attract them and to make them watch and think in a way that they come back there again and make memories. That is why a sociologist and an anthropologist should be a part of beautification team to create high quality artworks.

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