The Influence of Murals on People’s Minds is Undeniable

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Reza Alikhani, the participant of the Fourth Mural Biennial of Tehran City, said: My artwork was a memorial to the martyrs, and I chose it based on the designs I have sent for the call.

He also said: In order to create a new challenge in Tehran, I chose this design, because the mural of the martyrs’ memorial consists of a couple of martyrs figures. Since there were so many martyrs’ faces to paint, I decided to paint an image of only some of them.

According to Alikhani, he attempted to paint his mural based on the architecture and the atmosphere of the surrounding environment.

He mentioned that his artwork is supposed to be painted in district one of a new square in Shahid Chamran Complex, and he said: This place is a residential area belonging to Islamic Republic Army. In the past, the ground force martyrs' images and the images of people who were killed at the beginning of the revolution were painted on the walls of this area, however, the quality of them was low and they were not in harmony with the architecture and atmosphere of the place. Therefore, I decided to paint a mural which can depict a new thing.

This participant of the Fourth Biennial Mural of Tehran City mentioned the role of murals in improving the city life, and he said: If the murals are painted according to rules, they can have a positive influence in the society, otherwise, they can affect negatively.

Alikhani also said: If the policy making council considers all aspects for selecting a design, the artwork will have a positive influence, however, I believe that the selected artworks should maintain their coherence when they are being painted.

Finally, he said: Urban murals have always been influential on people’s minds. For instance, if we compare the 80s murals to 60s and 70s, we will see how the city appearance has been changed because of them. 

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