The Beautification of Enghelab Street is not a Simple Paperwork

Dr. Jajarmi mentioned that they are not supposed to copy, and he said: Of course this issue depends on the purposes. When we talk about the elimination of visual pollution elements in the city, it is an implementation and it is good, but the purpose is to make our cities different and beautiful in comparison to the world cities.

He emphasized on this fact that Enghelab Street has this possibility to compete with the world because of its different historical layers, and he said: It is not all about the appearance, and we need a deeper and more thoughtful outlook to this subject. It means to have urban anthropologist, sociologist, and historian teams to work by engineers, architects, and urban planners to define a strategy for beautifying this street.

Imani Jajarmi pointed to the solutions of visual pollution elimination, and he said: Right now, one of the biggest problems in Tehran is its visual pollution. We do not enjoy watching the city and buildings and we see annoying elements like pedestrian bridges, traffic lights, and different wires, which are placed around the city in an ugly way. It is not acceptable, because this city aims to be the capital of a powerful country. I believe we need to solve this problem with the help of forming local committees.

According to Jajarmi, the people who earn money in this street should be convinced to profit from this plane, then they will cooperate and the problem will be solved. Based on our previous experiences, if we put them under pressure, they will obey and later they will go back to their old ways. This is very important to eliminate the visual pollution elements with the help of the people.

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