The Constructive Projects Like the Murals Biennial Are Influential in the Society

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Shaadi Hashemi Fesharaki mentioned that she presented her design in this biennial on the subject of martyrs’ memorials. She also said: The idea of my design did not belong to a special martyr, it was designed as a memorial for all the martyrs, which I performed it on one of the walls of Tehran Pars Region.

This graduated student of illustration mentioned that she makes most of her artworks based on lithography, and she said: The mural depicts three martyrs who are painted in lithography style.

According to Fesharaki, her artwork was about the memorial of the martyrs and that is why it is painted only on one wall.

She emphasized: It was important to me to work in martyrs’ memorial section, but I preferred not to specify it to a certain martyr and I painted a mural which represents the memory of all martyrs.

This participant of the fourth mural biennial of Tehran City pointed to murals role in improvement of urban spaces, and she said: Undoubtedly, each constructive project can have an influential role in the society. Right now, we can see this influence as the murals number increase in Tehran.

She also said: Although when sometimes some murals are placed next to each other with different concepts and styles, I hope they will improve it in the future.

She said: Holding mural biennial is good for sure, because many artists from different fields come together and give variety to the artworks. I hope this biennial will improve in the future, and they should specify on which wall a certain mural should be painted.

Fesharaki also said: I believe that many of these murals have deep concepts that people will understand them. 

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