Tehran City is in need of Murals

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Khosro Khosravi in the Science and Research Congress of the Fourth Urban Mural Biennial of Tehran, pointed to this fact that murals level in Tehran should move from the bottom to the top. He also said: We need to try hard to make it influential and lasting.

This jury member in Design and Idea Section said: The more we step forward, we find more people in mural painting field, because we have a lot of artists in our society.

He also said: The societies which were involved in a revolution, the tendency for mural painting increases in them, because they function as media for expressing social matters.

He mentioned that it is necessary to have a group of graduated students in painting field, and he said: All the graduated students should work together to make paintings in the city.

Khosravi pointed to this fact that there are no other cities in the world in which  mural painting is being performed greatly as it is in Tehran. He also said: Murals are very valuable in Tehran and it introduced many artists to the world.

Khosravi mentioned that murals are a necessity and the researches cannot compete with the artworks being performed, he also said: We do not have big research projects while great social projects are being performed in the city.

According to the jury member in Design and Idea Section of the Biennial, the mural projects cost Tehran Municipality and the authorities greatly, that is why I believe that we need to make more researches in this field.

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