Changing the Murals is a New Variety for the Citizens

Behzad Aghapour, the painter, said about the destruction of Orouj Mural: This mural belonged to a decade ago and it was destroyed during this time.

He said: This artwork, which I do not know to whom it belonged, was supposed to be repaired, but its analysis and evaluation showed that it was not possible to be restored, because an important part of its infrastructures had been destroyed and the glue in the lower layers was eaten by the termites.

This artist clarified: After our analysis, we suggested TBO to destroy this mural and paint a new one, which was accepted by this organization and we started the destruction and building the infrastructure.

Aghapour mentioned that murals are influential in Tehran City, and he said: In my opinion, murals are tangled with Tehran City structure, therefore it is necessary to restore and renew them each couple of years.

He emphasized: I believe that the artworks with the quality of repairing  should be repaired before their destruction, so it is necessary to make changes in some artworks to prevent from the citizens’ boredom.

This artist also said: The murals should be sometimes supervised to revive the older ones.

Aghapour pointed to the fact that murals are important in urban life, and he said: Murals were effective in the culture of the city and people welcomed them vastly.

He also said: People supported the destruction of Orouj Mural because it was in this area for a decade and it caused people boredom. That is why I believe the reconsideration of these murals can be good for the city.

This artist also said: A month and a half ago, this mural was destructed to paint a new mural on it.

According to this report, Orouj mural is situated in Region 6, Golha Square, Pasdar Gomnam.

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