The Artworks of the Mural Biennial Should Have the Traces of Iranian Visual Culture

Hossein Maher pointed to the factors of selecting the artworks of this biennial, and said: One of the most important factors in this biennial is the appropriateness of an image and its ability to show the concept on the walls of the city.

He emphasized on the fact that the artworks of this biennial should be able to stay long on the walls of the city and public places, and he said: We need to pay a special attention to the graphic of the received artworks to make this happen.

Maher mentioned that colors have valuable concepts in positive and negative spaces of the city, and he said: Undoubtedly, each artwork should be painted on a special part of the city to show its meaning, therefore, we considered this fact in our selection of the artworks.

He pointed to another factor for selecting the artworks and said: I believe that these artworks should have traces of Iranian visual and Islamic culture alongside with new technology.

The member of the selection jury of Tehran Mural Biennial talked about the improvements that this biennial would make in the urban areas, and he said: In mural painting field, this matter is very important and we should consider it with special care.

Maher pointed to some issues happening in Tehran, and he said: Holding this biennial and its continuance should become possible in displaying the artworks and sending their meanings and concepts over time, because only in this way, the meaning of an artwork can be noticed by the citizens. 

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