Making Shahid Fahmideh’s Bust by Tehran Beautification Organization is Admirable

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organizaion, in a ceremony with the presence of Seyyed Kazem Sajjadi, Iran’s ambassador in Yerevan, Davit Sahakyan, the deputy of Armenia’s Science and Education Ministry, Dr. Keyhan Mohammad Khani, the deputy of the CEO of TBO, managers, teachers, and students of Shahid Fahmideh’s Educational Complex of Islamic Republic of Iran in this city, Shahid Fahmideh’s bust was unveiled.

Seyyed Kazem Sajjadi, Iran’s ambassador in Yerevan, said: The efforts of Tehran Beautification for making this bust is admirable.

He unveiled the bust and said his condolences for Mohram Days, and he said: Imam Hossein’s sacrifice and Imam Khomeini’s teachings, all together caused Iranian people to be strong and resist against some cruelties such as Imposed War and economic sanctions.

He mentioned Shahid Fahmideh’s sacrifice and pointed to the Supreme Leader’s emphasis on calling this great martyr as a valuable symbol for all the students. He also said: Learning and teaching alongside with faith and religious beliefs, will secure the children of our Islamic country against all disasters.

Sajjadi asked all the students to learn from Shahid Fahmideh’s short life as a valuable symbol at all times of their lives.

Sahakyan, the deputy of Science and Eduction Ministry of Armenia, also emphasized on the importance of education in the early childhood, and said: The students should learn the sense of patriotism from the early years of their lives and they always have to attempt to defend their country.

Ms. Marineh Havansian, the principle of School No. 200 of Yerevan, mentioned that this is the only school in Amenia which teaches in Farsi Language, and she called Education Ministry’s approaches as necessary and important. 

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