Equipping Deprived Schools of Tehran City with Special School Furniture

  According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Alizadeh mentioned this year’s motto, "With Mehr (name of an Iranian month and also means love) to the Future”, and he said: According to this motto we attempted to pay more attention to deprived and special schools.

     He pointed to the fact that the furniture fits the space and the students of these schools. He also said: Paying attention to the furniture and sport elements in the school, is one of the matters that TBO took under consideration and it attempted to define new rules and laws to improve the space in these schools, and to consider the students’ health in this field.

     According to the CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, alongside the improvements made in these schools, the repairing and washing of this equipment was one of TBO’s responsibilities in 22 districts of Tehran City.

     Dr. Alizadeh also talked about the other projects in the last week of summer and the beginning of the new school year 2017-2018. He said: The Beautification Organization made cultural billboards for advertising the first school week.

     He emphasized that these activities in this field were taken in the form of  “With Mehr to the Future” campaign, and he said: 150 cultural fields and portals were allocated to the beginning of the school year. These activities were taken in two weeks from September 14 to September 22.

     The CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization mentioned that the projects are not only for the beginning of the school year, and he said: In June, this organization started beautifying, coloring, and improving 248 schools of Tehran City. In this project, it has been attempted to design and paint happy images for the students to create a delightful space for them to begin their school year.

     Dr. Alizadeh said: By “With Mehr to the Future” motto we start next Saturday, the first day of  school year, and this motto is carved on some bridges in the city. Tehran Beautification Organization did its best to turn Tehran City into a new and happy place for welcoming the beginning of the school year.

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