The Fourth Biennial of Tehran Urban Mural Painting Was Opened

     According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, at the beginning of this ceremony, Mojtaba Mousavi, the deputy of art and urban designs of TBO mentioned that the fourth biennial of Tehran urabn mural painting is planned and held by Beautification Organization. He said: Urban Mural section is one of TBO’s mission area.

     He emphasized on the fact that mural panting is being fallowed seriously by the artists in Tehran, and he said: One of the reasons to create the biennial of mural is the attention and care that the artists gave to this art.

     He mentioned that, unfortunately in the past years, different organizations worked without unity in this field. He said: This causes visual chaos in mural painting field.

     Mousavi pointed that the artists can have the possibility of influencing the urban space through this art, and he said: One of the main reasons of holding this biennial for four periods is to answer the artists’ needs for influencing the urban spaces.

     According to Mousavi, this biennial was held in a way to provide the possibility of displaying the artists’ artworks all over the city.

The deputy of culture and urban arts of TBO mentioned that the artists will be appreciated in a ceremony, and he said: Three chosen artists in painting field will be appreciated in the fourth biennial of mural painting.

     Dr. Eskandari, the secretary of the biennial, said in this ceremony: Holding the biennial of mural painting shows that this art could find its place in the visual structure of the city.

     He mentioned that the artists could convince the city managers to consider this art as a necessity of the city. He said: The first factor in holding this biennial was to hold it well organized.

     According to Dr. Eskandari, the selected artworks in the exhibition will be analyzed and introduced by the other professors and the final ones will be selected.

     Salahi, the deputy of culture and urban arts, mentioned that the city is made from the citizens, urban management, and the city. He said: There should be coordination and order between these three factors.

     He pointed that the city should not represent repetitive images for the citizens, and he said: The delicate and artistic space in mural painting form, and repairing and improving the urban views by Beautification Organization can make the mentioned place to happen for the citizens.

Salahi emphasized on the fact that a beautiful picture can reduce the stress of urban life, and he said: With the help of activities, such as mural painting, we should make the city tolerable and habitable for the citizens by using art everywhere.

     At the end of this ceremony, the exhibition of the fourth biennial of mural painting was opened with the presence of Dr. Salahi, Dr. Alizadeh, and some urban managers and artists. 

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