An Important Part of Adjoining Structures Has Been Built Based on Fouladvand House Original Architecture

     According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Ladan Hashemzadeh, the CEO of Tahkim Omran Gharn Company, who has the responsibility of building two adjoining structures to Fouldvand House, said: Since the old part of Fourladvand House was allocated to Calligraphy Museum, and there were not enough spaces for side parts of this project, it has been decided to build two adjoining structures in the yard of this building.

     She also said: According to the decisions made, the two adjoining structures were built with total area of 700 meters in the yard of this building to cover the sections such as gallery, coffee shop, shops, and etc., in this cultural place.

     Hashemzadeh explained about the type of architecture in the adjoining structures of Fouladvand House: The architecture of Fouladvand House is from the First Pahlavi era, which is close to the modern forms. This type of architecture is completely different from what we had in Safavid era, therefore, an important part of this adjoining structure was made according to this architecture, bricks were used as the main material, and they were connected to each other by the stairs which belonged to the architecture of that era.

     She also said: In fact, an important part of the adjoining structure was colored in grey, which is a neutral color, to match with the main structure and maintain the historical atmosphere of Fouladvand House. But the other structures, which is going to be used for the coffee shop and shop, was built according to modern architecture.

     The CEO of Tahkim Omran Gharn Company called the building of Calligraphy Museum as a positive move, and she said: Since we have not had any calligraphy museum in iran, I think it is pleasant to have it now. I became happy when I heard about this museum, and I believe that calligraphy is a very valuable art.

     Hashemzadeh also said: Calligraphy has a special identity in our culture and it is connected to our literature and art, therefore I think that building this museum will help with maintainting this valuable art and its place in the society.

     She explained about choosing Fouladvand House for Calligraphy Museum: Although Fouldvand House is old and there were many problems in it while we were repairing it, I believe this place is an appropriate place for traditional and original art, such as calligraphy, because of its special identity.

     The CEO of Tahkim Omram Gharn Company said: At the moment, the project is about to be finished, and I am satisfied with it. Because I believe a pleasant and beautiful place was made for Calligraphy Museum which will make this art perdurable and it will gather the people who like this art. 

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