The Professional “Lighting, Light Designing, and Light Architecture” Workshop Will Be Held

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, this workshop will be held today by the Deputy of Planning and Development with the purpose of supporting and improving students’ activities.

It should be mentioned that in the first session of this course, on the subject of “The Influence of Lighting on Urban Night View”, the topics of lighting from aesthetics, light, and color perspectives, lighting from symbolic and ideological perspectives, lighting from identity and conceptual perspectives, lighting from historical and local perspectives, lighting from security (lighting pollution, staring, shadowing, light island, etc.) perspective, light and its role in designing the night view of the city, urban lighting aims, light designing from small to great scales, and the comprehensive urban lighting concept will be discussed.

This course will be held in 8 sessions, 3 hours long each, and 85 students of Industrial Design, Architecture, and Urban Designing majors will attend in it, and at the end of this course, an official degree will be given to all participants from Beautification Organization.

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