The Call for Receiving Volumetric Artworks and Urban Sculptures is Published

According to public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, the interested participants can come to the secretariat office and present the image of their designs or volumetric maquettes from July 11th to November 21st.

It should be mentioned that alongside with the volumetric maquette, the artist should also give explanations about his/her design, the way the artwork is going to be presented, the features of his/her design (the material and the size and the way of making the artwork and etc.), the place of the artwork installation, and presenting the exact location file of the artwork considering its real size (the designs will be discussed based on their probable places), and presenting the exact cost of making the artwork, and the artist’s resume.

According to the responsibilities and purposes of Tehran Beautification Organization in beautification field, and creating visual identity, urban development, and making public memories with the use of sculpture for attracting new ideas and creative designs, this year there will be a new opportunity devoted to this matter.

The artists should present their artworks based on the place of their installation. Obviously the management of the volumetric artworks cannot accept the designs without a place to be installed. The artwork places can be all the public spaces of Tehran City such as passages, sidewalks, intersections, squares (not the main ones), and the walls. It should be mentioned by the artist that why a particular place has been selected for a design.

The artworks should have originality, and the artists should prevent from copying other Iranian and foreign artists’ works. The responsibility of the consequences of violating this rule will be on the artists.

The design of the main and important squares will be announced separately, and it is not included in this call like martyrs and other cultural famous people’s sculptures and busts.

The final approval of the designs will be done only through discussing the maquettes, and the secretariat will not accept the designs which were not approved by the other TBO’s calls before. Presenting a professional, artistic, and valid resume by the participants is obligatory.

It should be mentioned that purchasing the selected designs, after the procedure of supervising, pricing, making the final contract with the artists, and providing the necessary materials will be done based on priority of their places and subjects. The time of registration and presentation of the artwork will not affect the time of purchasing the design.

The artists should send maquettes with resisting and lasting materials, if not, the organization does not support their safety. The procedure of registration and reception will be done at official times and based on the mentioned rules.

The artists can send their artworks from July 11th to November 21st to this address: Ein-al-Doleh Mansion, No. 12, Jamali Sharghi Street, Vafamanesh Street, Heravi Square, Pasdaran. 

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